Cathy's Charming Chihuahuas Lovely Ladies
long coat chocolate chihuahua
long coat fawn and white chihuahua
smooth coat black and tan chihuahua
smooth coat chocolate chihuahua
long coat black and tan chihuahua
long coat fawn and white chihuahua
long coat fawn chihuahua
When you come to our home you
will probably have Mouse in your
lap before you leave:)
She loves everybody she meets
and is truly a charming chihuahua:)
Sharon Springs NY 13459
(518) 470-1345(cell)
Ginger is playful and sweet.
She loves to playfully toss her toys
in the air and catch them.
She also likes to play fetch with
her toys.
She likes to snuggle and cuddle:)
Jasmine is a sweet, lovable girl:)
She loves to take long walks with
us on warm sunny days.
Jasmine is a wonderful mommy to
her puppies:)
Joy is very playful and silly.
She loves to make us laugh.
She loves to lay in the grass
and soak up the sun:)
Cookie is sweet, playful and so
beautiful:) She likes to dance for
a cookie treat and is working on a
few other tricks. She is so smart :)
Honey is sweet and cuddly:)
She loves to snuggle and play:)
Casey is a cuddle bug and a great lap
She is playful, cuddly and so sweet :)
Zoey is sweet, cuddly, and playful. She loves to ride in the car (especially if we are
going for ice cream) Her mom is Ginger and her dad is Ace:) Her registered name is:
Zoeyz dancin thru R dayz and that is exactly what she does:) She is a treasure:)
Zoey All GrownUp
Our chihuahua ladies are happy, healthy and beautiful :)They are all AKC registered. We have long coat and
smooth coat chihuahuas. Our chihuahua mommies have beautiful chihuahua puppies:)
smooth coat blue and tan chihuahua
Bella is playful, sweet and so
much fun:) She is Jasmine and
Cody's Daughter:)
Argusville Road
Raising Happy, Healthy AKC Chihuahua Puppies Since 2001
Mouse is a sweetheart:) She
loves to be loved:)
Mouse is retired/No more babies for Mouse
Ginger is retired/No more babies for Ginger
Zoey is retired/No more babies for Zoey